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There are many different types of mortgage that you can have and to fully understand them and their relevance to your personal circumstances we recommend that you have an initial meeting with one of our dedicated team so that we can assess your individual needs in detail and tailor a suitable solution just for you. The types of mortgage we will consider are.

Base rate Trackers, Discounted Variable Rates, Fixed Rates, Standard Variable rates, Capped Rates, Flexible Mortgages.

You can have your mortgage set up in 2 different ways.

Interest only mortgages.

This is when your mortgage is not being reduced by the payments you make to the lender. You should ensure you have a suitable method of repayment at the end of the loan. Some lenders limit the loan to value for this type of mortgage and insist on proof of your ability to repay the loan at the end of the mortgage.

Repayment mortgages.

This is the traditional and guaranteed method of repaying your mortgage within a certain period providing payments are maintained. Adjusting the term of the loan will impact on the amount you pay.

We also offer :

Bridging Loans, Commercial finance and Development finance.

We will introduce you to a third party who can help.

Buy to Let finance :

Available to first time landlords and experienced investors. We can offer from a large range of mortgage providers and include products such as student lets, Homes of Multiple Occupation and new builds.

Remortgaging :

We are happy to discuss our range of products that are available for clients who have a mortgage and want to remortgage to a different rate or would like to remortgage to release fund for any number of reasons.

Incentives :

Many lenders offer incentives to new borrowers in the form of free valuations, free legal transaction and sometimes cashback to help with costs. We will discuss these with you as well.

Lifetime Mortgages :

Available through introduction only.

This is a Lifetime mortgage. To understand the features and risks ask for a personalised illustration.

Mortgages in principle :

This is usually the second step in the process. After the initial meeting we can arrange for an in principle decision from a lender, which is a certificate you can keep to prove that you have a mortgage arranged in principle.
We are here to facilitate a loan for you and we have a wealth of experience in dealing with many clients over many years.

A fee of up to a maximum of 2% of the loan amount is payable on completion. Typically, this will be £600.



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